We approach design & fabrication with a new set of tools. Parametric modelling & computational design coupled with 3D scanning & augmented reality.

We are a new Brisbane-based industrial design consultancy and studio. 

We specialise in complex architectural structures and innovative new manufacturing processes. Our services include:

Concept generation

It all starts with an idea. Let us generate concepts for your project. Together through concept workshops, we can select a form that complements its location. Furniture, lighting or sculptural pieces. Contact us to discuss your wildest ideas.

Design & engineering development

Already have that idea? We want to help your design reach its full potential. With a wealth of manufacturing knowledge, we can suggest the solutions that fit within your project's budget and timeline. Complex and new forms are our speciality.

Manufacture ready drafting

There are some limitations in manufacturing, but always a visual work around. Our team can provide complete manufacturing packages in 2D and 3D formats for new and emerging techniques, such as augmented reality.

Installation specific

We design with the assurance of seamless installation. Extra care is taken to consider how the design will be transported and handled into its intended location. We use 3D scanning to guarantee the most demanding integrations.

Technologies & capabilities

Parametric solid & surface modelling. Mesh modelling. Computational design. 3D scanning. Virtual reality. Augmented reality